3DBURO - Design & animation studio.


[ 1 ] Exploration

Drawing is like my root note and mothership, it's where passion for design lives and where the whole process begins. I'm totally inspired both by the natural world and future technology. With my trusty set of permanent markers i explore how best to bring my client's ideas to life. The good times roll because the studio pulses with a rockin' cocktail of up-tempo music!

[ 2 ] Conceptualization

Refining new shapes, styles and structures gets my blood pumping FAST!
Technical specs, budget guidelines and a solid production framework form the backbone of the trip. This is where idea, sketches and computer-generated art come together at light speed. Clients enjoy a series of options from which the best destination is chosen.

[ 3 ] Realization

Space dust becomes solid working prototype.
Rough concept sketches turn into character sheets, storyboards and 3D models. Final stage brings delivery of polished design work, animated content or launch of a rocking new interactive experience. The bubbles are corked! Celebration time at the studio!


3DBURO is on a mission

To create innovating audio-visual work of all kinds:
2D/3D design & animation, previsualization, prototyping, industrial design, interactive.
Everything from concept into print, web, broadcast or cinema format.

3DBURO is my one-man, full-service digital agency that translates ideas into fresh, new realities.
Surrounded by a pool of freelance professionals we're ready to tackle large A-brand productions.
Feel free to get in touch for any creative project you have in mind!

The dude behind 3DBURO?

Olivier Wymeersch, 2D/3D Generalist artist, born on planet earth in 1978, Same year velcro™ was introduced, Argentina won the world cup and C-3PO won an oscar!
How awesome is that?!

Having been exposed to much and many delicious things like art, music and gameplay during my early years, I built things like crazy while learning* what would eventually become my full-time profession. (*Atelier '88, Sint-Lucas, K.A.S.K./School Of Arts)
Find all details in my resume microsite.


Agencies, brands and artists (2003 - present)


Get in touch

3DBURO - Olivier Wymeersch

Gasstraat 23 - 9160 Lokeren - BE.

+32.473.730.280 | olivier@3dburo.be