3DBURO is a versatile new media & design studio

Specialized in translating ideas into fresh, new realities. On a fast-forward mission to conceive & create innovating audio-visual work. Creative services span the full range of visual artforms - everything from concept into print, online, interactive, broadcast or cinema format.

Feel free to get in touch and redesign the future together!


3DBURO was founded in 2012 by Olivier Wymeersch, 2D/3D Generalist artist, who was born on planet earth in 1978, Same year velcro™ was introduced, Argentina won the world cup and C-3PO won an oscar!
How awesome is that?!

"Having been exposed to much and many delicious things like art, music and gameplay during my early years, I built things like crazy while learning* what would eventually become my full-time profession". (*Atelier'88, Sint-Lucas, K.A.S.K./School Of Arts)

You can download my CV here! Or explore details in the resume microsite.


3DBURO teams up with a network of specialists.